Hello and welcome to Ground to kitchen my name is Elliot I believe that a happy lifestyle comes from working with your surroundings weather it be for cooking, art, or making tools from natural materials . By living a semi self sufficient vegetarian life style I also value a no waste attitude towards nature. Whatever we take from the garden feed it back into the Garden.

I have always considered about what kind of food I eat, where it comes from and how it has been grown plays a big part in my daily life, that is why to me fresh is best when it comes to creating a delicious home style meal with a bit of flair. My passion for food and working with natural materials is forever growing.

along side food I have always enjoyed working with my hands and as a kid I always tried to fix things even if they weren't broken, most of the time it didn't turn out the way I though it would, I highly value the skill of a craft and appreciate something that is hand made then by a machine, I think in this era we are loosing touch with the importance of our crafts men and woman and are more focused to something that we can get right there and then only to be replaced 6 months down the track by a new model.

This blog is about my journey through life as it unfolds, learning the crafts that I set out to seek and trying to be sustainable and grow a community on a very small back yard garden. sharing with you the ups and downs, the fails and unexpected achievements.