One at a time


For many years I have been fascinated with ceramics and also had the dream to one day make my own and to finally have that dream come true is such a fantastic feeling. But that aside I wanted to write some that will hope inspire others to do what they have dreamed of doing and to follow there own feelings not what others tell them to and let events unfold naturally. Here is how I got started to making ceramics which I have only just started, I was very fascinated by them and so I started a collection, I traveled Japan for a bit checking out as much ceramic/ pottery shops I could find and brought back as many plates that could fit in my suitcase. When I arrived home and a few years later I naturally and slowly surrounded my self with people who have dabbled or do potter full time also thank my partner Meighan and her family for introducing me to local potters, also just by asking people that I have worked with and people that I have met through social events discussing that I was interested in ceramics which led to them knowing someone who works with ceramics or someone who knows a friend of a friend. Which now led to me doing photoshoots at various studios getting up close and personal to the surroundings and equipment and got to ask a bucket load of questions and watch them at work. Then one random day I had a feeling that I wanted to go op shopping I had this strong feeling to go to a certain shop in town which funny enough had a pottery wheel for sale which is the one I am using now, it was amazing, it's cheaper then me having to buy a brand new or even a second hand online and it works perfectly, now after watching various videos and seeing it preformed in the flesh I have now gotten to the part of creating my own which for me has been a dream come true even though I have a long way to go yet.

Elliot Swanson