Growing with weeds and animals

Growing with weeds. is it good or bad? well the answer is neither, weeds can actually be beneficial to humans, birds and a whole range insects too and not just your common garden pest. what I have come to observe over the past couple of days clearing out one of the sections from long over grown weeds is that the weeds have been attracting a range of bees, insects and birds which is a beautiful thing to see and experience, so we have left the other two sections to grow and go to seed, which me and Meighan have now called the "pollination station" so the theory is to increase the amount of pollen available with the help of weeds which will hopefuly attract more bees and birds to the area. 

Weeds can also act as a natural mulch and or a competition companion plant for tall growing plants, giving them that sense of wanting to over tower be better and stronger over the weeds. but first with the natural mulching, when mulching with weeds it is best to do it before they go to seed so they don't spread, simply pull them out and lay them around your veggie plants this also provides a lot of nutrition back into the soil, helps maintain moister in your garden and will increase worm activity in your soil making them work close to the surface. 

If the weeds have gone to seed do not use them for mulch as they will spread and just pop up again. you can still use them as organic matter however just let them break down first before putting them back into the soil. Another way for getting rid of any weeds that lay dormant in the ground and not using any harsh chemicals in your soil is by using a burner and burning the top layer of the soil, this may deal with any seeds that have not yet been activated yet and it is a hole lot of fun.    

After slashing away clearing the area we let the chickens and ducks run free through the scrub, they are wonderful creatures if you can look past the smell they are truly fascinating, acting as natures little compost machines eating and stomping down the waste into the ground putting organic matter back into the soil and chickens scratching up the soil turning it for you making it easy to plant. I first observed this method using ducks and chickens as helpful companions first hand when I was traveling in bail a few years back watching the rice field farmers prepping the beds for planting, after pressing down the beds they would let there ducks out into the fields letting them eat all the insects and loosen up the soil beneath, which I found very interesting and amazing, the combination of working with animals and having that trusting relationship and a beautiful friendship.     

chickens and ducks are a great edition to the house hold kids love them and they provide a lot to your family, to your garden and are not expensive to keep and set up. they are great waste disposals and produce amazing organic matter for your veggie garden or compost. they are a little bit of work but it is all worth it in the end.

one thing to remember when owning animals they like to be rotated around there habitat kind of like a holiday close to home, like us humans we like a change of scenery every now and then well it goes the same for all animals it keeps them happy and healthy, it doesn't have to be far or big either just don't on a daily or weekly basis at best. where we are at the moment there are 5 sections that are allocated to the chickens and ducks that are separated by mesh fencing and gate access just by switching the areas around the animals get to stop around and pick at all the new greenery that is available.           

Elliot Swanson