Macadamia Milk

when I was a kid macadamias were such a treat for me dipping them in peanut butter or smashing a raisins between them making them feel like a jelly sandwich it was so delicious, nearly eating a whole jar till my mouth started to get sore, I just couldn't stop and recently I thought to myself since they are a very creamy nut I wounder how they would go as a milk and wonderfully enough it turned out to be really rich, creamy and have a bit of a coconut flavor which was a nice touch. 

After brush cutting back the orchard from overgrown weeds found hundreds of macadamia pods on the ground so me a meighan spent the rest of the day gathering maccas and smashing them open which is a fun activity with kids provided they wear protective eye equipment and is done outside as it can be quite messy.

after all your macadamias have been shelled now its milk time what you need is:

500g macadamias (soaked overnight)

2 liters water


placed your soaked macadamias and water in a blender and blitz until combined and the nuts are in a fine powder like form, drain your mixture into a bowl through a fine cloth or cheese cloth, do not discard the meal as is can be used in cakes or as a flour replacement, store your milk in air tight containers or jars and keep in the fridge for 1-2 weeks.