Elderflower Cordial


  • 8-10 umbels elderflowers
  •     1 organic orange
  •     400 g rice syrup
  •     100 ml water


To clean the elderflower, just gently shake out the umbels. Do not rinse them in water, since you would lose the precious pollen. Pluck the blossoms from the twigs and fill them in a clean screw top or jelly jar. Slice the orange and place it in the jar with the elderflowers. Cook the rice syrup together with the water and pour it over the elderflowers while it is still hot. Seal the jar and leave it to draw at least for a day. Strain the cordial and fill it in a clean jar. If you keep it in the fridge, the cordial is good for a few weeks. By cooking and straining it again, you can prolong the preservability. Unopened, you can keep the cordial up to a year.