Broccoli, Wild Berry & Mint Juice


I know what you must be thinking, Broccoli and berry together ughhhh Disgusting. Well I beg to differ, I had some left over berries from the week before and my broccoli was bolting so cut them off and stuck them in the freezer for later use, then i completely forgot about them until this moment. 

I was doing some work out in the garden and surprisingly we have had a hot sunny start to the day which made me crave something cold and refreshing, even though now as I'm typing this a massive storm has just rolled over and it is bucketing down with rain haha. 

Broccoli, Wild Berry & Mint Juice:

  • 1 handful frozen broccoli
  • 11/2 to 2 handful frozen black berries or berries of your choice
  • 11/2 cup coconut water
  • 1/2 cup honey or agave syrup
  • 2 handfuls of fresh mint


Now what I'm about to tell you is not your normal way of juicing, get all your ingredients and chuck it in your blender and blitz until its all combined, I like to have all the goodness in this juice and really to be honest couldn't be bothered today bringing out the juicer assembling and disassembling it. This juice or semi smoothie if you like is great in flavor and light but changes color when it sits, it will start off a dark purple (depending on what berries you use) then start to turn a dark brown then if you let it sit longer it will have a bit of a green color to it.   


Elliot Swanson